Media Release after OUR Wildlife Protection Rally

Check out the Sunshine Coast Daily today for some coverage we received for the Rally which aimed to raise awareness about the need to do more to protect our wildlife from irresponsible property developments and the lack of wildlife protection conditions imposed by the council.  Our wildlife are really in trouble and need our help NOW!.

The main reason people live in the Sunshine Coast is due to the natural surrounds.  If we wanted building after building, houses everywhere and no wildlife we could move to a many other places in Australia.  Our Koalas are the biggest victims and are at dangerously low numbers now due to the majority of their natural habitat being taken over by concrete Mc Mansions.  If local people what to retain the beauty in this area we need to speak up and tell the council and state government that we are not happy with the current practices.  There is a petition currently available to sign .  If we don’t ACT NOW there will be no more Koalas in SE Qld within 2 years.  SIGN PETITION

Special thanks also to guest speakers Anthony Walsgott, Animal/Enviro Solicitor, Adam Presnell, Enviro Scientist and Ray & Murray Chambers of the Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue Service.

Watch WIN News tonight at 6pm – you may see some more coverage there.


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