Ban Live Export Rally – Sunshine Coast – Sunday Aug 14th


Sunshine Coast residents make sure your voice is heard at this National Rally to end Live Exports.   Around Australia on Aug 14th thousands will be showing their support to bring an end to this cruel trade that many other developed nations stamped out years ago.  Australia is a shameful embarrassment as we continue to let our animals be treated inhumanely by these countries who have little respect for animal welfare.  It is time to shut down this industry and send this message to the federal government who will be voting on this issue the week after the rally.

Without the voices of supporters like you behind us, we couldn’t have come this far. We cannot let the Government think that a short-lived suspension on live exports to Indonesia has quelled public concern for animals — not while thousands of animals continue to leave our shores for other countries where they will suffer similar abuse.

To add maximum public pressure in the lead up to the vote, RSPCA Australia and Animals Australia are excited to announce an official national public rally on Sunday August 14. Please save this date and join us at this family-friendly event to rally for a kinder future free from live export.

Sunshine Coast Venue: Cotton Tree, Park, opp Phon’s Thai Restaurant, 55 Cotton Tree Pde.

Special guests including – live “music with a message” performances by Vegetarian Panther with more to be announced soon!

Bring placards, posters, friends, families, pets & voices!!


3 responses to “Ban Live Export Rally – Sunshine Coast – Sunday Aug 14th

  1. Be there to stop this cruel trade.

    • Vickie Williams

      I didn’t even know about this protest at Cotton Tree until now. I was actually travelling to Brisbane on Sunday with two friends, but we’ll be changing plans now. I hope we get a better turnout than at Tewantin two months back – that was disheartening.
      Regards, Vickie Williams

  2. From a protestor in the UK against Live Exports, Shoreham, Sussex

    Well done guys you are doing a great job over there. I remember
    joining the protest over here at Shoreham it became huge and
    from a group of people it mushroomed to a few thousand and hit the media
    nationally and internationally with SKYB and foreign tv filming it on news channels. Shoreham exports to the continent ended after many nights
    in all weather protesting as the lorries went into the port and out keeping up the vigil. We demanded the animals were properly vet checked
    because Defra vets previously only spent less than 3 minutes looking over huge lorries with hundreds of sheep and calves which we argued was
    insufficient. Many had broken limbs and were crushed underfoot and underwent 3/4 journeys across europe in intense heat with no water.
    A newspaper undercover team followed the lorries and saw truck drivers at transport cafe’s gouging themselves with fried breakfast whilst the animals baked in inhumane crowded conditions it was horrible. Eventually the enormous costs of policing was the reason it was halted it could not be sustained. Sadly there is still some live exports from Dover which is harder to get into to protest but groups there are doing their bit. All the best wishes to you all for your efforts to stop this barbaric cruel trade.

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