Few Protesters Willing to Face Risks

This article was recently in the Sunshine Coast Daily after a protest organised by Vegan Warriors against Bull Riding at a local sporting (Sea Eagles) complex.  Animals aren’t here for our entertainment and to endure unnatural performances.  Clubs and councils need to realize that this is not family-friendly entertainment.  It is cruel and senseless in a modern day world.  Even Barcelona in Spain has recently ended Bull Fighting.  When will Australia wake up and leave these poor animals alone.

The Gold Coast Mayor has recently indicated that he is keen to bring an end to Rodeos in the Gold Coast area and he has already banned animal circuses.  When will the Sunshine Coast and other councils move away from these primitive forms of entertainment.  Email your local council members and let them know you want to see an end to these forms of “entertainment”.

THEIR numbers were small, but the message was clear.

Vegan Warriors organiser Jaylene Musgrave and supporter Anthony Walsgott objected to last night’s bull riding at the inaugural Beach and Bull Classic at Sunshine Coast Stadium.

They staged a small and peaceful demonstration in the hours leading up to the event, calling it “horrendously cruel”, but left before the gates opened to avoid the crowds.

Ms Musgrave, who has been protesting bull riding since she was a teenager, said safety came first.

“I’ve been threatened previously on many occasions,” she said.

“It’s understandable that a lot of people are nervous about coming to these protests because of what’s happened in the past. They won’t bring their children either.”

Ms Musgrave said she would keep staging protests to bring awareness to the debate.

“A lot of people on the Coast have tremendous talents when it comes to animal rights. We get people from all over Australia looking at Vegan Warriors because we’re more democratic,” she said.

“We want to educate people, introduce them to a world they might not know too much about.

“I feel ashamed that the region has embraced bull riding so much.”

Mr Walsgott, who has participated in a Save A Cow program, said cows and bulls had their own individual personalities

“I looked after 30 bulls, and I can tell you they don’t want to be here. They would rather be in a pasture with other cows,” he said.



2 responses to “Few Protesters Willing to Face Risks

  1. If I wasn’t interstate at the time the rodeo was held, I would have come to the protest too. I know what you mean about the danger inherent with protesting other people’s cruelty. People who participate in rodeos and other blood sports actually abuse animals. I believe that by performing cruelty to animals, rodeo people become desensitised to cruelty and could likely become quite comfortable applying abusive force to humans who ‘get in their way’ or who prick their consciences. I’ve heard all sorts of excuses – eg flank ropes only tickle; the bulls are mean; the horses love to buck; the rodeo animals have a great life – they only have to buck for 8 seconds and the rest of the time they are free…. These attempts to placate a prodding conscience are all lies to make us believe that the abuse is not really being purposely, deliberately inflicted on animals. Jaylene, did you see any electric prodders used on the bulls or horses? Did you get any videos? The article said you left early, but maybe a few of us need to get some video footage of these events to prove their cruelty to the unknowing public. eg SHARK in USA style….What do you think?

  2. yes st I agree. there are a number of clips of rodeos in aust online – i did send these to the journos with the initial press release. its getting the public to view them thats the hard part. pls email me if you are ever on the coast as would be gr8 to meet. xxJ

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