Vegan Model Protests Against Factory Farming Xmas Suffering

For animal lovers, Xmas isn’t a time of celebration knowing the immense cruelty involved in feeding the insatiable appetites of the masses.

Whether through ignorance or not actually wanting to know the truth of factory farming, people continue to partake in eating animals that have never had a chance to walk on grass or for pigs, even have a chance to turn around on their concrete block their entire lives.

Just prior to giving birth, they are moved to a ‘nursery’ which would outrage every Australian mother. Pending mothers are confined in an even smaller area where their body is encircled by metal bars to even further limit their movement.
Mother pigs are provided with no bedding or straw to make a birthing ‘nest’, so she has no choice but to give birth to her piglets on a hard floor. Nurturing and interacting with her young is impossible as a cruel metal frame imprisons her.

She will watch on helplessly as her babies have their teeth clipped, their tails cut off, and are castrated without pain relief. Her young are removed
More people on the Sunshine Coast are signing up to our website vowing to live a truly animal-friendly life and our most recent supporter is stunning former Miss Indy participant, Damara Graham.

Having endured bullying at high school because of her veganism, Damara went on to become a successful sports model. Her mother has also become vegan since seeing Damara’s health and general wellbeing drastically improve through not eating animal products.

Damara protested on Friday 25th in Mooloolaba whilst in her bikini, covered in “blood” outside a major food outlet to draw attention to the suffering of animals leading up to the “festive season”. This protest follows many similar ones held throughout the world by PETA.  This protest was televised on local TV news programs.


5 responses to “Vegan Model Protests Against Factory Farming Xmas Suffering

  1. I once would have said it’s difficult to comprehend how a human being could perpetrate such horrific acts on other sentient beings but after working in animal welfare for many years now, it doesn’t surprise me at all. The human species is the most sadistic, selfish, greedy, belligerent, polluting, overpopulated and shallow of all life that has ever existed on this planet. I for one, am ashamed to be a part of the human species.

  2. ps: If we’re so ‘superior in intelligence’ then we should know better.

  3. I do not understand the human brain – and why Most humans need to be so sadistic, cruel and barbaric towards Animals and treat them with such indifference. I hang my head in shame to be part of the same race as these beings – I also do not understand the need Most humans have to be Cannibals (eat flesh of sentient beings) Being Vegan keeps you healthy and also saves the life of Animals – I also hate Christmas because of the mass slaughter of Animals to put food on peoples plates – WHY???

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    at single place.

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