Peace Out Award

The “Peace Out” Award is an honour that we will be giving to people who are doing outstanding work for animals in their community anywhere in Australia.

Our inaugural award has gone to Mr Max Chapman of the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland.

Max is a quietly spoken, very dignified man in his twilight years who has lived in the region for six years. His commitment to taking in and caring for horses due to be sent to the slaughterhouse for dog food is inspirational. The fabulous “Rocky” is one of these whose life as a racing horse was cut short because of behavioural problems. Why spend money on an animal to treat his problems when the only reason he’s there is to be a money making machine for people who don’t want to know or really don’t care about how these gorgeous creatures think, feel and die. Max has led the annual Anzac Day Parade with his horses for the past two  years.
Peace OutMax takes local teenagers out horse riding on his 3 charges regularly to teach them riding from someone who remembers the days riding his horse to school. Paying for vets, shoeing, food and equipment is costly but his horses are doted on by Max and ensured they always have proper blankets, health care and feed.

The “Peace Out” Award honours Max for showing much love, compassion and empathy towards animals that would have long ago be killed. The award encompasses anything we can do to give back to someone that gives so much.

The one thing Max would love is a shed for his horses to keep them dry and warm in winter and cool in summer. We are putting a call to arms to the community of the Glasshouse Mountains for help with this wish. We are asking local businesses to donate materials needed and community members to donate time and or money to help build the shed on the land which Max owns and keeps the horses just minutes from town.

We want to make this very proud Aussie happy and relieved knowing his horses will always have somewhere to escape our harsh climate.


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