New Horse Shelter

Jaylene with Rescued HorseIt’s not very often our wishes come true, but xmas truly did come early for us this year!
We have been campaigning relentlessly to raise much needed funds to house rescue horses next to our property. Max Chapman is a local hero in these woods and we wanted to give the horses that he saved from being “dogged” the shelter they desperately needed and a local business, who doesnt wish to be named came through!
Costing over $6,500, the shelter has been installed and the horses absolutely love it! These once well known racehorses, due to be slaughtered as they were deemed useless by their trainers, are now safe from the summer heat and storms Queensland regularly has.
Our hearts are full of such love and joy for our old mate Max and his gorgeous charges. We will continue to campaign for donations to ensure their veterinary care and food can be ongoing as Max cannot afford this on his pension alone. This ex mountie and detective has given so very much to our country and we are so honoured to be able to give something back to him that is close to his heart.

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    Thanks for your effort ,Amee

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