Professor Steve Garlick (founder and president AJP)

Professor Steve Garlick , president and founder of the Animal Justice Party.


11 responses to “Professor Steve Garlick (founder and president AJP)

  1. I know it’s a pain, but we really need to vote below the line and fill in all 110 squares. The preference card from the AJP puts One Nation before The Greens! I can’t live with that.

    • NSW too. One Nation is 49, 50 and 51, before The Greens who are 67-72. Australia First, a racist party, are preferenced 34-35.

      • the greens allowed a roo cull , and murdered 1400+ and even after various groups offered to relocate them free, and were told they would be preferenced last due to their non commitment to animals!

  2. The sad fact is that there is not one party in existence that as any policies for the benefit of animals, including the Greens. In 30 years they have done not a single thing for animals, including wildlife. They didn’t even show up at the big demo in Canberra against live export. Prof. Garlick was the only person speaking who represented a political party. Even Dr Norm Sanders, founder of the Greens, says that the Greens no longer advocate for the environment. They have turned into a human rights party. They say they are concerned about climate change but never recommend a plant-based diet when we all know the livestock industry is a huge emitter of GHG. Nor do they have any policies around human overpopulation – a certain driver of environmental destruction.
    My vote is for AJP and I will be voting below the line.
    I wish someone would give some suggestions of order of all 110 parties. Who has time to investigate all their policies?????

    • If you are voting for AJP [AA] in NSW (1 & 2) then it’s really a question of who you would rather win the 6th NSW senate seat – Greens [R], Shooters and Fishers [AJ], or One Nation [AR]. None of the others really have much chance. I intend to put AJP 1 & 2 then go to AJ and put those murdering sods 110 and 109 and work my way back, putting people like Australia First [AB] second last (107, 108) and so on – not that it will make much difference. The crucial thing from my POV is to make sure The Greens have a higher preference (smaller number) than all the ratbags. So I will probably number the Greens 3,4,5,6,7,8. Sorting the rest will make me feel virtuous but really won’t make much difference to the end result. I will of course put Labor and even Liberal before the shooters and lunar right parties.

      Putting 1 in the AJP box above the line could see Pauline Hanson elected.

  3. The ‘roo slaughter is supported by all parties, not just the Greens. Their advantage is that they are the only party opposing live export, which affects millions of animals every year.

  4. That was the ACT right?
    In NSW, the Liberal Democrats have now got a senator, who is a vet who consults to agribusiness and a former member of the shooters party.
    He was elected on the above the line preferences of several minor parties including Wikileaks, Sex Party and AJP. We have punished the ACT Greens by electing a pro-gun, pro-death industry crazy to our 6th seat in NSW. Technically that is called cutting off our nose to spite our face.

  5. So after the ACT Greens massacred all those kangaroos and their joeys and AJP preferenced Greens last, in retaliation Greens preferenced AJP second last. How childish! Not only that but they defaced the few AJP Election signs and were seen handing out ‘Why Not To Vote AJP’ pamphlets during polling. On the eve of the election Senator Lee Rhiannon sent out a mass email to the effect that the NSW Greens stopped the ‘cull’ and that kangaroos were now being relocated – lies!!! The massacre stopped on the day mandated by the Tribunal. No kangaroos were ever relocated. It was another sick election stunt. I think the Greens are afraid of AJP……

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