Go Vegan~ November Vegan month Challenge

Great Vegan Challenge

November is vegan month! Next year we will be collaborating
with Animal Aid in the UK to recruit as many people to commit to going vegan for the month – and we are confident most people will stay vegan after realising how wonderful and easy it is.

Animal Aid launched the Great Vegan Challenge (GVC)
last year and were blown away by the result. Their aim was to encourage people to try a vegan lifestyle for 30 days and to give them all the help, advice and support they needed along the way. 800 people took part, including several from Australia.

At the end of the month more than 97% said they would stay vegan, be mostly vegan, or eat more vegan meals.

If you, or someone you know would like to try a vegan
lifestyle THIS November registrations are now open with Animal Aid- www.GoVegan.org.uk Participants from Australia are welcome.

If you are already vegan, but would like to help out with
the campaign, then keep it in mind for next year when we start planning and working with Animal Aid to bring the Great Vegan Challenge to Australia.


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  1. Via animal Liberation NSW e~newsletter

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