twinnies teach about birds and wildlife

twinnies teach about birds and wildlife

THE Coast’s renowned seabird rescue duo, Paula and Bridgette Powers, have their sights set on wrangling a television series deal.

The softly spoken duo, known as the “Twinnies”, hope they will be able to secure airtime to educate people about caring for seabirds and raise much-needed funds for their Landsborough rescue shelter, where they treat more than 2000 birds each year.

The Twinnies have appeared on shows such as Bondi Vet, Totally Wild and Outback Wildlife Rescue.

“When we’ve been on other TV shows, a lot of people have said are we going to be on our own show,” Paula said.

The two will have some help in their hunt for television fame.

Vegan Warrior Jaylene Musgrave met the pair on Friday and offered to help them track down a television deal.

She was surprised they had not been snapped up already.

“I’ve been a fan of their work for years, I just have adored them,” she said.

With calls going out to her contacts in the BBC, National Geographic and beyond, Ms Musgrave said she was going to try to make something happen for the sisters.

“I believe they’re rock stars in the making – they’re rock stars for the birds,” she said.



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