The Killing of Compassion demo

    • Join our peaceful, silent protest against the loss of compassion towards animals in today’s society. We will be standing in a group, similar to the ALV demo undertaken this week. Obv we wont have deceased animals, but each person will be holding an a4 sheet with a graphic image on it. I will also be speaking afterwards…pls bring any a.r leaflets u may have to hand out to the public. Also wear a black t shirt.

Pls note change of time and demo info. Pls share with anyone in S.E Qld. We only have 11 people so far…surely there are more that would like to join in is being a voice for the billions of forgotten animals slaughtered each year.


2 responses to “The Killing of Compassion demo

  1. Hi vegan warrior,

    Please tell me when the lost compassion stance is and where. I will be back in Australia on 16 th October.

    Thank-you for caring.

    Karen Payne

  2. Sorry Karen looks like you’ll miss it 😦
    Sunday, 13 October 2013
    Time: 11:00

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