can you help western Sydney’s abused street cats?

My name is Nanette Redding, I am 70 years old and daily I witness torture and abuse of the stray cats in my area. I see this because I walk 1.5 kilometres to work 5 days a week past many flats and units that are home to these lovely cats. I try my best to feed them by preparing a mixture of raw meat, oats and dry food every day except Sunday. I leave my home 2 hours before I start work to feed approximately 65 strays along my way. They sit and wait for me as I do it roughly the same time each day. I see the evidence of their abuse on their bodies. There is a particular man that is reknown in the area to torch the cats, I have seen their exposed flesh and burned fur. Others have been bashed with hard objects, one in particular I have taken off the street to make my own. I will post a video as to his condition. Because of this bashing, it is easy to see that he has sustained a brain injury. There is another man that has been witnessed walking around using a long stick with a spear type attachment at the end to poke and injure the cats. Others have witnessed cars driving past and scooping the cats up in nets, I don’t like to think what for. How do I know all this you ask? Because I speak to people regularly that live in the vicinity and are eyewitnesses to these crimes against animals. Not only are these cats victims of abuse perpertrated by humans but are also vulnerable to sicknesses usually brought on by their weakened state. As you can imagine, many of these are helpless kittens. What am I doing about these starving and tortured cats you ask? Whilst having given homes to 14 of these pour souls I also fund their food entirely on my own. I have contacted relevant authorities including the RSPCA and Animal Welfare. They understand my plight but there is little they can do without photographic evidence which is next to near impossible to acquire as you could envisage the difficulties of acquiring such evidence. I have had people come and go who were initially interested in helping these lovely cats but can see the futility of the situation as none of us is financial enough to catch them, have them de-sexed and attended to by a vet and re-homed. I have easily re-homed in excess of 100 cats that I have rescued from the street. I am glad to say, they have lovely, safe homes now and this just makes me want to give homes to the ones on the street that have missed out. I pass the rescued cats onto a lady named Rhonda who de-sexes, microchips, vaccinates and finds homes for these cats. She has a website, Rhonda’s Treasures, check it out. I have re-homed most of my rescued cats via Rhonda’s adoption website. I am also assisted by Jeanne who is with the World League for the Protection of Animals, check it out on the web. I have a facebook site and will regularly post stories as to what’s happening. Please, if enough people just donate $1 I can help these cats have a better life. Please open your hearts and make a donation now. – See more at: or can donate direct to bank so as Nan gets no fees taken out (via gofundme page above):-

Westpac  Bank,   BSB 732072  

Account no is 686287

thanks Matt.(community cat carers)


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