Vegan protesters give silent treatment to Loo with a View

JAYLENEANIMAL activists took to the streets of Mooloolaba yesterday to promote a vegan lifestyle.

In a silent protest at Mooloolaba’s Loo with a View, Vegan Warriors founder Jaylene Musgrave and fellow vegans from as far away as Brisbane attempted to help people understand that being a vegan wasn’t as hard as people thought.

“What we did was a peaceful, silent demonstration in memory of all the animals that are tortured and slaughtered for food, entertainment and development,” Ms Musgrave said.

“We try to hold protests here on the Sunshine Coast to keep it in people’s minds that animals aren’t ‘products’, but are living, breathing creatures and they’ve suffered terribly for every industry, unfortunately.”

Protester Laura Gregory embraced the vegan lifestyle a month ago and said she had never felt better.

“I feel a lot healthier, my skin is a lot cleaner and my eyes brighter and it’s also very empowering to know I am not consuming animal products and I’ve found a whole range of yummy food,” the psychology student said.

“I used to think that I was an animal lover when I consumed meat, but I think it’s really just ignorance.

“You have to open your eyes and heart to what these animals are really going through and you will realise there is a bit of a paradox going on. We love animals at their face value when they’re all furry and cute, but we are ignorant to what goes on behind closed doors.”


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