personal trainer/vegan nutritionist QLD

Two for one offer!!! Vegan personal trainer in Brisbane and one of my darling friends and supporters! Share with friends and fam so they get the RIGHT advice on living a healthy, fit & compassionate life!

Move ‘n’ Improve personal is run by Stephanie Bellia. Stephanie is a vegan personal trainer with 11 years of experience in running her own mobile personal training business. She specialises in weight loss/toning, fitness and vegan nutrition.

To the Brisbane vegan family, if any of you is looking to better their health and fitness now is the time to jump in! For the whole month of November I am offering a two for the price of one special! Jump in and bring a friend! Two people can team up and be trained by me an experience fun vegan trainer for the price of only one! Get started now and share the fun and the cost. Hurry in as the offer will only last for the month of November. Start now before the Christmas binge. Avoid the guilt and just keep healthy habits all the way through to the new year


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