**** PRESS RELEASE ****
We have embraced so many people wanting to learn about veganism since opening up our 10acre property at The Vegan Temple!
It is with great joy that we are holding our first ever Xmas Lunch and people from all over S.E Qld have rsvp’d, many with families who are looking to expand their circle of compassion to include all animals, not just their pets.
Sunday 22 Dec
Delish buffet and deserts
$15 adults $5 kids
Byo togs for swimming in billabong and blanket 
Walking shoes for guided rainforest tour
All animals welcome!!
Contributions to buffet welcome
204 Wilson Rd, Ilkley
Live Music 
Camping avail for $15 pp pn


  1. This is a wonderful event! I so wish that Kurt, Liberty and I could come. Perhaps one Christmas in the future we will. Thank you so much for all that you do for animals and all that you do to show people a kinder way of living.
    Warm wishes,
    Lyndel, Victoria.

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