Jaylene …

Small milestones can signify great success when it comes to animal rights. Jaylene Musgrave knows this, so is using her rock star friends to help in her fight for animal rights.

The Mudjimba local had noticed a lack of animal rights activities on the Sunshine Coast, so she formed Vegan Warriors: a group of vegans, who fight against animal cruelty.

If her years as personal assistant to rock Aussie gods Jimmy Barnes and the Divinyls taught Jaylene anything, it was that she could make a difference – especially with the help of her superstar friends – and perhaps improve awareness of vegans.

As she acknowledges: “People are a little bit scared of the whole vegan thing.”

Jaylene has loved animals her whole life, but it wasn’t until she was eight that she stopped eating meat.

“Like most families, meat was on our table for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” she said.

“The catalyst for me was when we got (seven) chickens and I named every one of them.

“I used to sit and play with them. I came home from school one day and my dad had killed all of my chickens.

“He was ‘old school’ and he thought they were there to lay eggs and then for us to eat.

“It was shocking. It psychologically scarred me and from that day forward, I’ve refused to eat my friends – that’s how I look at it.”

Working in the music industry has paid off and Jaylene is trying to get her star contacts on board with Vegan Warriors.

Silverchair’s Daniel Johns, Kisschasey’s Darren Cordeux, Magic Dirt’s Adalita, and media personality Andrew G are some of the stars she has her sights set on.

“I knew I had to do something to help animals,” she said. “I thought I’ve got all these wonderful people that I know in the (music) industry, I may as well try and utilise them and see what I can do.

“Celebrity vegans are great ambassadors for animals because they promote animal rights issues whenever they can.

“I’ve always been involved in animal rights. When it comes to animal cruelty, there is no excuse.”

Living in the United Kingdom was an eye-opener for Jaylene – especially the strong movements there for animal rights.

“People were angry about the way animals were treated,” she said. “The laws are well ahead of our (Australian) laws. The way animals are treated (here) is kept secret.”

Jaylene said Vegan Warriors would speak for the animals on issues that were “being swept under the carpet”, fight to change laws and promote community awareness.

“Our society is a throwaway society in every regard, and animals are treated like that in today’s society,” she said.

“We have set such a bad example for the next generation. Animals have gone from being free and roaming around to now being intensively reared – where a mother pig will not get to touch her piglets because she is on a concrete slab.

“I cannot get my head around how we can accept that.

“These animals are suffering in silence – if not for us, then how is it going to be changed? Who is going to change it?”

If you want to help, contact Jaylene by emailing sodapopz@hotmail.com



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