**** PRESS RELEASE **** DEEP PEACE TRUST is in need…

                         **** PRESS RELEASE ****
The Deep Peace Farm in Braidwood, NSW is home to over 300 rescued horses, cows, sheep, goats and others, and lots of wildlife families who have sought peace in a place of non violence.
The sanctuary, run by award-winning vegan creatives Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch is in need of champions right now with the drought and the pressing need for extra grazing. Right now there is a tiny window of opportunity to purchase a farm next door, and turn it into a sustainable compassionate farm, saving kangaroos and habitat, reuniting cow and sheep families, and preserving this sacred environment as a legacy for future generations under the Deep Peace Trust, a not for profit charity, dedicated to promoting deep peace for all species through the arts, education and compassionate action, Through the arts and education, this extended farm would also be a global social change resource being a living example of a world of harmony and peace. 
Billie and Andrew are both a professional writers and filmmakers, and dedicated, award-winning, vegans, however this beautiful vision, and the ability of their sanctuary to keep going ( after nearly 20 years) during this drought, depends on extra grazing and some big hearted help.These temperatures and hot dry winds are making everything challenging and unless we get rain in the next few days these angels will be hand feeding every single being on the property. And rain is not forecast. And rain dances have not worked!
This fascinating and inspiration couple to so very many around the world are free for interviews on their tough Aussie life and wish to make the world a much better place for our precious animals. Pls contact us directly for interviews.

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