Tweet Abbott & Bishop, Australians are NOT sorry for Live Export Cruelty!

Ban Live Export

Tony Abbott our newly elected Prime Minister and Julie Bishop MP announced in their election campaigning that they would visit Indonesia and apologise to the Indonesian Government, for our suspension (for a few weeks) of the LIve Export Trade when it was discovered that Indonesia was systemically abusing and torturing our Cattle.

Tony Abbott has done just that on his visit to Jakarta. He said he was sorry for “Australia cancelling the live cattle trade in panic at a TV program”. Mr Abbott a comprehensive investigation of this ACTUAL footage , PROVED that this cruelty not only existed but was SYSTEMIC.

Not in my name Tony

And now we have the Minister for Agriculture, Mr Joyce hinting he will look at loosening ESCAS – the basic framework to Audit and set guidelines for 3rd world animal welfare. ESCAS was enforced on this Industry as it had for 20 years failed to ensure the welfare of…

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5 responses to “Tweet Abbott & Bishop, Australians are NOT sorry for Live Export Cruelty!

  1. As an Australian with ethics, I am NOT sorry that live trade was banned! It should be banned permanently, and the sadists who perpetrated the cruel acts should be punished to the full extent of the law.

  2. Rheusuin Brown

    Gutless politicians. Just what we need running our country…

  3. Rheusuin Brown

    Gambaro and her henchmen in Brisbane think it’s okay for 5% of all live exports to die as long as people make money. I emailed them my concerns re the live exports and that was there response (above). They then blocked my concerns from their Facebook page, obviously because they don’t want their supporters to know how little animal welfare means to them. Talk about ‘freedom of speech’ being dead

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