AJP newsletter excerpt QLD

Hopping Around Australia
Information about AJP activities from the states and territories that wish to contribute to this newsletter

Queensland by Sylvia Cooper
The AJP received 1.07% of the senate vote in Queensland at last year’s federal election, coming 8th out of 36 parties on its first,
very short and barely funded election campaign. A very encouraging start that suggests running in Queensland state and local
elections may prove worthwhile and would certainly keep the AJP in the spotlight.
However, to register for Queensland elections the party would need 400 extra Queensland voters to become members. Solution –
if each current Queensland member was to sign up four new members this year, the AJP would actually be able to run in the
Queensland state election scheduled for early next year! Given the current Newman government’s appalling disinterest in animal
wellbeing and its unpopularity, there is no better time to promote the AJP to fellow Queenslanders whenever an opportunity
arises. This is an achievable goal for each and every Queensland AJP member to work towards, and in doing so move us closer to
giving animals a voice at all levels of Australian government.




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