Our search for a male and female model to be our newest spokespeople has ended with us finding two of the most gorgeous animal addicts with souls and spirits shining brightly for animals everywhere.

Cameron McDonald and Chantelle Miles beat a host of other stunning vegans from all over the country in our quest to find Australian ambassadors to appear in media and animal rights’ campaigning. They join our other esteemed international ambassadors…Joan Jett and Heather Mills.

Below are photos and a snapshot of why they were chosen. We are incredibly proud so many young people are awakening to the wrongs that humanity accepts as the norm and that they will be helping us in our battle against todays holocaust…animal cruelty.

Cameron Alexander McDonald,
Im 25, basically I am into a lot of music was in a band who toured Australia and still currently write music as well as DJ here and there, I stay very fit and healthy and regularly go to the gym, running, cycling I can’t go a day without exercise. I became vegan because I wanted to live a healthier life and my family also became vegan with me. I was vegetarian for most of my life but with some influence and research going vegan was the next and right step to take for me. Also I am an animal lover and respect all beings and cannot understand how we can be eating another life. Going vegan is good for your health and the planet so that drives me
I am a young professional in the corporate world when it comes to property and property management.                         
Cam says:-    I love vegan warriors because they are making a difference in bettering the world and making a stop to cruelty, animals cannot speak for themselves so it is our responsibility to speak for them. We are all equals and animals must be respected and I believe the vegan warriors can help put the message across to those who have not yet researched why we are vegan and that the benefits are not just for animals but for your health also. Vegan warriors will bring the message we all need to hear and will help liberate animals of this world who are used for human selfishness and gluttony.
 Chantelle Miles
19 turning 20 at the end of April – lives Nambour

While in high school after school one day I was eating a beef and pork pastie from the corner store and thought to myself, 2 animals are in





this one pastie, not to mention the butter and milk in the pastry itself, that’s so greedy for ONE meal that I’m not even going to remember… So I went vegetarian, a couple of years later I decided that milk was still harming animals too – growing up on a dairy farm the cows were always happy, that is when their babies weren’t being snatched and I went vegan. I would say I’m much fitter now than I’ve ever been, I eat so much better because of being vegan Rather than getting my iron and protein from sloppy take away I think more about my meals and put a lot more effort into them and feel great because of that. I love Vegan Warriors and that they’re always on topic about everything, everything recent and relevant and no matter how much it hurts Jaylene, she is still a voice for the animals. The main reason I care so much about animals is because I once had a rat who taught me so many things about creatures other than humans, she is the reason I know animals have souls. My main focus is animal testing I hate it more than anything and would do anything to put a stop to it!




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