We are being contacted by people worldwide who have seen Noah. Its message of veganism and compassion to all animals is one that we are constantly spreading. People who are looking at living a more compassionate life have been flocking to The Vegan Temple to view “Earthlings” and meet other compassion addicts…. has been seen by millions worldwide and is changing people’s views on animal cruelty
Described as “Provocative, Educational, Inspirational”, one of the most groundbreaking films on the use of animals in food, clothes and entertainment, is being screened on the Sunshine Coast. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with music by Moby. 
Sunday 27 April 
$20 adults $5 kidsImage
Includes delish buffet lunch with sweets
Meet other animal lovers and learn how your existence is impacting mother earth and what you can do to become a more compassionate human.
The Vegan Temple is 10 acres of old growth forest with billabong, trails & camping.                 

For the animals
Vegan Warriors

Panel Member – Brisbane Lawyers Educating & Advocating for Tougher Sentences
Nominee – Australian of the Year, Pride of Australia 2011, 2012
Director Farm Animal Rescue Australia

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“The Animal Rights Movement is the greatest social justice issue since the abolition of slavery” Michael Kirby QC OAM


One response to “***PRESS RELEASE*** APRIL LUNCH

  1. Our monthly lunches are becoming soooo popular with people coming from all over Australia to attend them! Last months saw guests from Hervey Bay and Victoria! As people awaken to the horrendous and barbaric treatment of animals needlessly killed for food, clothes, entertainment and beauty products, they are gravitating to our Temple of Love, Peace and Kindness to all animals! Jaylene

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