**** PRESS RELEASE ***
One of the most organic and earthly sounds known to man, the didgeridoo, is being known amongst spiritualists as having a healing affect on many suffering depression, anxiety and other horrid ailments.
People from all over S.E. Qld will have their chakras realigned by Australia’s leading didgeridoo healer Adrian Hanks.

Enjoy fantastic day meeting other animal lovers and enjoying delish food! We have one very special guest this month, Adrian Hanks, who will be realigning our chakras with his mastery of the didgeridoo.
Delish buffet lunch
$20 adults $5 kids
The Vegan Temple is 8 acres of old growth forest with billabong, walking trails and camping.






  1. ***PRESS RELEASE***

    We are totes pumped to announce a very spesh guest coming to the Sunshine Coast! Adrian Hanks says:

    “I was on a 7 day retreat and ‘Monty’ appeared. I decided to play the didgeridoo near him as I

    know from experience that animals ‘tune in’ to the sound and vibration of the didge.

    I have played near whales, mongoose, snakes, dogs, cats, kangaroos and goannas. When out in the bush it is amazing at how the didge blends into the environment. I have had the privilege and honour of playing my didge through the doors and into Nelson Mandela’s cell on Robbin Island, Cape Town, South Africa a few years ago – it was an amazing experience. Very moving. I have played didge at Stonehenge, Avebury, on Scottish Islands and at many Aboriginal sites. I teach the Art of Playing the Didgeridoo and also use it for Didgeridoo Healing – especially with Aligning and Healing the Chakras. I have a DVD – Learn How to play the Didge in 4 Steps and am in the final process of finishing the Aligning and Healing the Chakras with the Didgeridoo and Gongs DVD.”

    Adrian will be playing at our upcoming lunch to help guests realign their chakras:

    Motivational Coach, Counsellor, Facilitator and Trainer

    Seafern Studio, Sunnybank Hils, Queensland, Australia

    Phone 0400424417

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