News Story “Would you like tortured animals with that pineapple?”

A fruit and veg store on the Sunshine Coast has gone into the dead animal skin market…and the Council embraces this macabre mixture of pleasure and pain (see below).


With a zoo’s baby giraffe recently being shot thru the head with a bolt and skinned in front of kiddies and their parents in Denmark, it seems the coast isnt far behind encouraging ghoulish enterprises.


Im  former p.a & publicist to Jimmy Barnes & The Divinyls, National Promo & A&R Mgr for Mighty Boy Records and ran my own successful music p.r agency. I left the industry to dedicate my life to animal rights and to help spread the message of kindness of living a healthy, cruelty free life. I am in awe of Alicia and the inspiration work she does for animals and humans.


I have a myriad of stellar supporters including barristers, lawyers, rockstars, models, Heather Mills and Joan Jett is our Ambassador.


My father was a slaughterman at Kilcoy aboittoir and the sounds, smells and energy of animals awaiting their murder has never left me. Dad became violent and an alcoholic. He beat us and went on to shoot my mum and the man she left him for. Studies have shown slaughterworkers are lowly educated and socially shunned and suffer immense drug and alcohol abuse.


My family have recently moved to the gorgeous Sunshine Coast area of Ilkey where we have a new retreat “The Vegan Temple”, 10 acres of  rainforest with large billabong, native animals and camping.


animated girl with wings walking

For the animals
Vegan Warriors

Panel Member – Brisbane Lawyers Educating & Advocating for Tougher Sentences
Nominee – Australian of the Year, Pride of Australia 2011, 2012
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“The Animal Rights Movement is the greatest social justice issue since the abolition of slavery” Michael Kirby QC OAM


Our monthly events have people from all over the country coming to experience mother nature at her finest and to meet other like minded animal lovers. We are looking forward to welcoming vegans and those interested in veganism to our events.


Our monthly lunches are becoming soooo popular with people coming from all over Australia to attend them! Last months saw guests from Hervey Bay and Victoria! As people awaken to the horrendous and barbaric treatment of animals needlessly killed for food, clothes, entertainment and beauty products, they are gravitating to our Temple of Love, Peace and Kindness to all animals!







Subject: CHT1400320R – FH12/0028 – Crunch Forest Glen Fruit Store – Animal Skins Sold in Store
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 05:25:48 +0000

Dear Jaylene Musgrave


In relation to your complaint regarding animal skins sold in the food store – Crunch at Forest Glen.


Please be advised Council has investigated this matter from a food hygiene view point.  At the time of inspection no breaches of the current food legislation were observed in relation to display for sale of this skins.


The food in the shop is whole fruit/vegetables or covered/wrapped and have no contact with animal skins on display.  The approved food preparation area is in a back area away from the display of skins.


You are also advised that Council has no jurisdiction in relation to sale of animal skins.


Thank you for your enquiry.


Kind Regards



Celia Drake   | Environmental Health Officer
Healthy Places Unit  | Community Services
Sunshine Coast Council
Locked bag 72, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre QLD 4560
(07) 5441 8612 | M 04007 10726  | F 07 5441 8338


Dear Mayor

Can you please see the below and advise why selling dead animal skins, including a zebra, is totally acceptable in a fruit store? Im being inundated with complaints from residents who find this absolutely disgusting and distasteful. If people wish to buy dead animals that have been tortured and murdered we would go to a slaughterhouse, not a corner fruit store.

Thank you,

Jaylene Musgrave




Sunshine Coast Council



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