**** PRESS RELEASE ****
Due to popular demand, we are totes proud to announce a series of Masterclass Cooking Demos at the Vegan Temple!
With our previous Masterclass run by Kunara Chef Monica Topliss and attended by 64 people, vegan cooking is becoming of huge interest in Qld and in particular on the Sunny Coast where we have the largest number of vegan cafes of anywhere in the state!
This month’s class will be given by one of our ambassadors, Chantelle Miles, who is a model and incredibly great and innovative cook. Upcoming classes in July and August by leading Australian vegan chefs.
Anyone curious as to what vegans eat, along with those already living a cruelty free life and would like to meet new people are most welcome!
Sunday 22 June 11am onwards
The Vegan Temple, 204 Wilson Rd, Ilkley
$25 adults, $5 kids includes delish buffet lunch 
Pets most welcome!

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