Animal Issues

  • Saving Wildlife from impacts of Land-clearing and development
  • Saving Fraser Island Dingoes
  • Stop Live Export
  • Free animals from factory farming
  • Stop rodeos
  • Stop animal circuses
  • Vegan food education
The juggernaut that is bulldozers clearing land and councils hell bent on more housing estates, more shopping centres and turning anything that has trees and wildlife on it into a concrete block is something that needs to be halted.  Native animals are now seen dead on roads rather than in their natural homes. If we don’t stand up and start making some noise and demanding land be kept for wildlife, we will only have ourselves to blame. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital sees over 7000 native animals each year, the majority because they are fleeing machinery that is destroying their homes. Peter Lavac is Vegan Warriors’ barrister and he is liaising with Sunshine Coast City Council on this issue and pressuring them to stop the over development of the region. A protest is also organised to show Council how many people are angry about this. We wont give up until Council is made to stop approving developments.

Fraser Island Dingoes are unique to Fraser Island and are facing extinction. Their numbers have shamefully reduced to just a few hundred in the last decade because of the current government’s management plan of shooting, hazing, poisoning and starving them to death, all because of the tourism dollar.  Fraser Island is a World Heritage Listed Island – the dingoes need to be made a priority before they become extinct. The government now has heavy tracking collars around their necks, making it even harder for them to hunt. This on top of the fact that they have been fenced off from areas where most of their prey is, along with having cumbersome ear tags on them.  These beautiful wild animals need our help to save them from this painful existence and to give this species a future.

Millions of cattle and sheep are exported live to the Middle East and Indonesia every year. The torture these poor animals go through was shown on Four Corners. Hundreds of thousands of Australians were sickened by these images and protested via emails and calls to the government.  The announcement that live exporting was to be stopped immediately was a very shallow victory as less than a month later, these animals are now being sent live again to be dismembered and tortured whilst still alive.  There will be no guarantees of stunning before death.  A 2nd protest on the Sunshine Coast is organised in conjunction with the National Day of Protest.  We will not let our government get away with this shameful industry, which they and farmers (along with many animal rights’ activists) have known about for many years.

Whilst we go about our everyday lives, enslavement and torture is being undertaken by the dairy, egg and meat industries. The majority of pork products come from pigs that are kept on concrete floors, individually, where they cannot turn around. Sows are made to feed their babies through metal bars. Dairy cows are constantly kept impregnated to supply milk for human consumption, their babies taken away from them immediately after birth where they are either sent to slaughter for veal or, if deemed “superfluous” are sent, without any liquids for up to 30 hours to be slaughtered. Male chickens are shredded at birth, whilst the females are sent to intensive farms where 4 per cage are kept (the cage is the a few centimeters bigger than an A4 piece of paper) where their feet are mangled from the wire. They are then slaughtered by the millions every day. It is difficult to sleep at night sometimes knowing that we lay peacefully whilst all these beautiful souls are not able to escape their hellholes of mental, emotional and physical torture. A protest against factory farming and dairy producers is being organised on the Sunshine Coast.

Rodeos are not “fun, family entertainment”. Bulls, calves, sheep and whatever other type of animal is unfortunate enough, is brutally tortured by riders and workers. Spurs are used to agitate them to ensure a “great ride”. Veterinary care is seen as a joke as the people that work in this industry see animals as “things” for them to use and abuse to make money.  Pressure must be put on local councils to ban rodeos in their region. Even when they do ban them, quite often they then set up on private property. Campaigning against this has caused many death threats and violence by rodeo workers.  Animal Warriors will not stop until rodeos are banned completely.

Circuses with animals are also not “fun, family entertainment”. Children should not be taught that it is acceptable to treat animals like this.  The loneliness, frustration and physical abuse many circus animals suffer is absolutely gut wrenching. Once again, local councils must be held accountable and be made to ban circuses in their region.  Many cities around the world, and many councils in Australia have already banned circuses.  Jaylene arranged for Dr Mandy Symons to present to the Sunshine Coast Council but they still deemed this torture to be acceptable.  To know that such social and beautiful animals such as lions, elephants, horses and tigers are being carted around the countryside, a lot of the time in the middle of summer where temperatures in their trailers are 40+ degrees is devastating and any human with an ounce of compassion would agree. We must keep fighting to end circuses and have these animals released into wildlife sanctuaries.

It is so easy to be vegan these days! Jaylene personally buys most of her food online. You can buy anything from veg sausages, veg chicken, veg pepperoni, soy cheese, veg marshmallows and the most delicious soy ice cream you will ever eat in your life!  There are also quite a few of vegan cafes and restaurants around from providing Asian through to raw food.  Jaylene has started “Vegan Food Days” at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital this year to educate the staff and volunteers on the vast array of amazing vegan food around now. We cater for up to 50 people and businesses such as The Loving Hut, Syndian, Orgran and Vegan Perfection have taken part by providing products, all free of charge. Jaylene also presents on factory farming, animal rights and veganism.  So many more people would become vegan if they knew they didn’t have to go without their favorite tastes and textures.  Jaylene recently organised a lunch for about 20 people, most of them weren’t vegan, to experience what they are missing out on.  It was a huge success and I’m going to arrange this every month now and anyone can come along!