Land-clearing Victims

Saving Wildlife from the impacts of Land-clearing and development
The juggernaut that is bulldozers clearing land and councils hell bent on more housing estates, more shopping centres and turning anything that has trees and wildlife on it into a concrete block is something that needs to be halted. Native animals are now seen dead on roads rather than in their natural homes. If we don’t stand up and start making some noise and demanding land be kept for wildlife, we will only have ourselves to blame. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital sees over 7000 native animals each year, the majority because they are fleeing machinery that is destroying their homes. Peter Lavac is Vegan Warriors’ barrister and he is liaising with Sunshine Coast City Council on this issue and pressuring them to stop the over development of the region. A protest is also organised to show Council how many people are angry about this. We wont give up until Council is made to stop approving developments. Please see our events page for details of the protest – Sunday July 24th.

To view all of the press coverage we have received for this issue – please go to our MEDIA page.


One response to “Land-clearing Victims

  1. Beautiful Asha! Thank you for all you do Jaylene. You are a beautiful soul and the animals See you always as their protector! E>

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