Stop Animal Circuses

Animals aren’t designed to be locked in small yards and tortured until they stand on two feet
Circuses with animals are also not “fun, family entertainment”. Children should not be taught that it is acceptable to treat animals like this. The loneliness, frustration and physical abuse many circus animals suffer is absolutely gut wrenching. Once again, local councils must be held accountable and be made to ban circuses in their region. Many cities around the world, and many councils in Australia have already banned circuses. Jaylene arranged for Dr Mandy Symons to present to the Sunshine Coast Council but they still deemed this torture to be acceptable. To know that such social and beautiful animals such as lions, elephants, horses and tigers are being carted around the countryside, a lot of the time in the middle of summer where temperatures in their trailers are 40+ degrees, brings tears to your eyes. We must keep fighting to end circuses and have these animals released into wildlife sanctuaries. These are wild animals and are programed to be wild, not locked in small cages or fenced yards.

To view all of the press coverage we have received for this issue – please go to our MEDIA page.


4 responses to “Stop Animal Circuses

  1. Totally agree, neither will I watch movies where I know that animals have been treated cruelly. Boycott all circuses, animals should be free.

    • I hate Cirque du so-LAME

      “Boycott all circuses” means “Boycott ALL circuses”, for crying out loud. (Who needs selective boycotts, anyway!)

  2. There is a circus in my town right now. They are driving tigers and bears around in their cages with blaring loudspeakers announcing the showing of their miserable life. The circus announcer simply states if you buy your ticket now you get it for half price.
    i tried talking people out of buying tickets.

  3. any NON animal circus is fine by me 🙂 ~ MaTT

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