Stop Live Export

Stop the Torture of Millions
Locally Jaylene is working hard to bring Live Exports to the attention of the public in the Sunshine Coast so that we too can have our voices heard and help bring an end this this horrific industry.

Millions of cattle and sheep are exported live to the Middle East and Indonesia every year. The torture these poor animals go through was shown on Four Corners. Hundreds of thousands of Australians were sickened by these images and protested via emails and calls to the government. The announcement that live exporting was to be stopped immediately was a very shallow victory as less than a month later, these animals are now being sent live again to be dismembered and tortured whilst still alive. There will be no guarantees of stunning before death. A 2nd protest on the Sunshine Coast is organised in conjunction with the National Day of Protest. We will not let our government get away with this shameful industry, which they and farmers (along with many animal rights’ activists) have known about for many years.
If you want to read more about the issues with this industry and why we want to bring an end to it – please go to  Animals Australia website

To view all of the press coverage we have received for this issue – please go to our MEDIA page.

You Can Save A Cow

Help the Save A Cow program by listening to this great song and if you feel motivated and want to make a difference you can donate to Save A Cow.  Save A Cow is all about saving calves and cattle from the abattoirs and re-homing them in their natural surrounds where they can grow old peacefully.

The program was started by the Vegetarian Panther, also known as Anthony Walsgott.  Anthony is a vegan, animal rights lawyer, professional musician, public speaker, educator – (previously a secondary school teacher and university tutor), animal welfare and environmental activist, who has dedicated his life and finances to the welfare and liberation of members of other species. Currently operating in the Sunshine Coast Qld, the Save A Cow program plans to go Australia-wide.

What you can do to help Save A Cow:
1. Listen to the Save A Cow theme song
2. Read all about it by going to www.vegetarianpanther.com3. On the Vegetarian Panther site you can donate via PayPal a small amount to help the purchasing of cows and calves, preparing their paddocks and providing feed for them.

4. Spread the word, tell your friends and family.

5. If you want to get more actively involved you could help in the following ways:
  • provide land for cows and calves (currently required in the Sunshine Coast)
  • provide feed
  • help feed the calves twice daily (best if you have land or live near the calves)
  • provide some hands-on help to prepare paddocks and shelter for cows and calves located in the Sunshine Coast

If you can help in any of the above areas, the Vegetarian Panther – Anthony would love to hear from you.


2 responses to “Stop Live Export

  1. Good work Anthony!

  2. Good work Jaylene and Anthony. We attended the protest to Live Export out at the Noosa Council, but were very disappointed as the number of people that attended that day was very poor. However we got out there and spread the message and must admit that most of the general public support this. If only the government would listen, its always the issue of money. I remember when they closed a lot of our abbatoirs, the loss of jobs this caused, the small towns that this affected. The suicides that happened, such a shame…

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