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Vegan Food & Products Education & Other Vegan Businesses

It is so easy to be vegan these days! Jaylene personally buys most of her food online. You can buy anything from veg sausages, veg chicken, veg pepperoni, soy cheese, veg marshmallows and the most delicious soy ice cream you will ever eat in your life!  There are also quite a few of vegan cafes and restaurants around from providing Asian through to raw food.

Jaylene has started “Vegan Food Days” at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital this year to educate the staff and volunteers on the vast array of amazing vegan food around now. We cater for up to 50 people and businesses such as The Loving Hut, Syndian, Orgran and Vegan Perfection have taken part by providing products, all free of charge. Jaylene also presents on factory farming, animal rights and veganism.  So many more people would become vegan if they knew they didn’t have to go without their favorite tastes and textures.  Jaylene recently organised a lunch for about 20 people, most of them weren’t vegan, to experience what they are missing out on.  It was a huge success and I’m going to arrange this every month now and anyone can come along!

The following business have their hearts in the right place and we want to do everything we can to make sure we spread the love and help make these businesses a success.

Vegan Food & Wares

Vegan Online – www.veganonline.com.au
The Vegan Store – www.theveganstore.com.au
The Cruelty Free Shop – www.crueltyfreeshop.com.au
The Green Edge Online – www.greenedgeonline.com.au
The Loving Hut – www.lovinghut.com.au
Pure Gaisha Skincare – www.puregaisha.com.au
Synthesis 345 – www.synthesis345.com.au
Ayana Organics www.ayanaorganics.com.au
Davroe Haircare – www.davroe.com
LaMari Skincare – www.lamari.com.au
Be Genki Skincare – www.begenki.com.au
Emerald Organics – www.emeraldorganics.com.au
Vegan Wares – www.veganwares.com
Green Ritual – www.greenritual.etsy.com
eString Bags – www.estringbags.com.au
Vegan Perfection- www.veganperfection.com.au
Earth Greetings – www.earthgreetings.com.au

Vegan Education & Services:

Anne-Marie from Oakview Nature Refuge offers a couple of classes and experiences so you can learn new meals, lifestyle habits and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Oakview Nature Refuge.  So much good karma in one visit!!

Please enjoy their beautiful animal friendly happy products.

Children’s book – Arktel, The Planet Only Children Could Save – www.planetarktel.com

Other Vegan Businesses:

The following businesses are run by vegans, we are therefore happy to support them and share the great work they do.

Bed and Broccoli – www.bedandbroccoli.com.au

Edwina LivinginLight – Animal Psychic – https://www.facebook.com/PetPsychicEdwina?fref=ts

Australian Native Fauna and Flora – amazing photos of our beautiful country
Check out their Facebook page