“Jaylene is the former p.a & publicist to Jimmy Barnes & The Divinyls, National Promo & A&R Mgr for Mighty Boy Records and ran her own successful music p.r agency. She left the industry to dedicate her life to animal rights and to help spread the message of kindness of living a healthy, cruelty free life. Many famous people are vegan incl James Cameron, Bill Clinton, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Moby and Ellie Golding amongst many others.


She has a myriad of stellar supporters including barristers, lawyers, rockstars, models, Heather Mills and Joan Jett is our Ambassador.


Her father was a slaughterman at Kilcoy aboittoir and the sounds, smells and energy of animals awaiting their murder has never left her. Her Dad became violent and an alcoholic. He beat them and went on to shoot her mum and the man she left him for. Studies have shown slaughterworkers are lowly educated and socially shunned and suffer immense drug and alcohol abuse.


Her family have recently moved to the gorgeous Sunshine Coast area of Ilkey where they have a new retreat “The Vegan Temple”, 10 acres of  rainforest with large billabong, native animals and camping. 


They have regular social events at The Vegan Temple with people coming from all over Australia! They put on a buffet lunch and promote vegan products available on the market that we support.Our monthly lunches are becoming soooo popular with people coming from all over Australia to attend them! Last months saw guests from Hervey Bay and Victoria! As people awaken to the horrendous and barbaric treatment of animals needlessly killed for food, clothes, entertainment and beauty products, they are gravitating to our Temple of Love, Peace and Kindness to all animals!


Vegan Warriors is very unique in that we are filling a gap in the market for being able to personally, one on one, assist every single enquiry we receive each day. Jaylene says she found that when I first became vegan, there wasnt really a place that could answer my myriad of questions ranging from obviously food, nutrtion, clothing, entertainment, make up, pets, children, extended family issues etc etc. This is possible because I have thousands of supporters worldwide who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Some are doctors, nutritionists, physcologists, models, stylists, artists, teachers, uni lecturers, lawyers amongst many other professions.


We have many companies that sponsor us by way of donating skin care products, jewellery, food products and artworks – all of these we heavily promote via our social media pages as well as via press releases to journalists throughout Australia. We sell donated items to enable us to continue our ongoing work educating, campaigning on animal rights and veganism and financing the rescue and rehoming of many animals. We speak at festivals, universities as well as at Australia Zoo.


Our reputation for being on point with animal rights’ issues and veganism is growing significantly each day – our website has 30 people viewing it each hour.”




Vegan Jaylene Musgrave


          *** PRESS RELEASE ***


With animal cruelty the norm in today’s lost society, compassion addicts from all over S.E Qld will be gathering with friends and family to enjoy delish food, friendly company and divine music by Maleny’s acclaimed Maetreyii.



The Vegan Temple is becoming known throughout the world for it’s awesum events and education sessions on living a cruelty free life and contributing to animal rights’ campaigns. 


Join us and meet wonderful new friends, even if you arent vegan, you will truely love the spirit of the day!

For the animals
Vegan Warriors

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